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Welcome To Shiva Trust

Sacred Himalayan Institute of Vedic Alliance (SHIVA)


  • The Purpose

    Path of spiritual, cultural and social upliftment

  • Concept

    To propagate Indian art, culture and vedic heritage

  • Source

    Vedas and enriched by sages and simplified for modern era

  • Methods

    To awaken the consciousness of Shiva within oneself


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Programs & Events

Shiva took an initiative to start these divine events and programs based on true vedic culture as Yoga learning, Vedic Pujas, and other rituals are to be performed with a compelete vision on the shaivism and Shiva Yoga

Shiva Yoga explains Shiva in you

Shiva and Yoga are together, Shiva Yoga teaches us going beyond body and mind.

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'Awakening with Shiva' is an Appreciation Program which centered around the foothills of Himalaya, it is an amalgamation of Shiva Yoga with basic yoga, vedic rituals, philosophical discourse. Actively participating in these activities can really show the devotees the path to spiritual prosperity.

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Our Trustees and Core Members

People Speak About Shiva

Michal Katz
Michal Katz - Israel
Thank you all for the wonderful spiritual experience. You gave me so much hope and higher learning through your program that I cannot find the correct words to describe I wish you all the best.
Sabine Tersmeden
Sabine Tersmeden - Germany
One of the most peaceful  and magnificent experience I have ever been. They took into consideration my emotional state throughout the years to discover the underlying cause. There should be no rush when it comes to mind! You Walk on this path or not. After all we all come from nature, all cure can be found in it. Those 1 week have been one of the most unique spiritual experiences. 
Ashok Raipudi
Ashok Raipudi - Hyderabad, India
All I have to do is turn up for practice with awareness in Shiva. While performing Parthiv Shivling Puja it feels far away from the real world and from all senses. I want to just live in the realm of shiva.


Lord Shiva and Nandi are inseparable. Nandi, also called Nandikeshvara and Nandishvara, is the name of the gate keeper of Kailasa, the abode of Lord

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